SOL_k – Believe in Something

it’s coming…

…currently going through playback scrutiny in my top secret and probably corona free bass bunker.  Progressive house, some classics, some less so and the occasionally flub from being well out of practice. Broke a needle mid-set, too, swapped out on the fly.

Uploading to the podcast,  momentarily.


Unstable System [Hard House Sessions III]

I had this idea to spin a few hard trance epics that I recently bought…spent a few hours getting in the zone playing some house / electro and when it came time to lay down some serious sounds…the direction the mix took was Hard > Harder > Hardest…finishing up with a hard trance track called Unstable System. There’s a white label record in there that’s an absolute stomper…random find in my “unplayed white label pile”. Think Nick Sentience and turn of the century Nukleuz stuff. Quite a few Organ Donors tracks too…started digging deep into the collection and came up with this. I’ve added this into the Hard House Sessions series, in the spirit of the first Hard House sessions mix [also a ravetastic stomp fest…]

Be Cool

Recorded at the beginning of 2019, this was a Sunday arvo session with a few beers and few tunes. Hard house / NRG and moves along quite briskly. Mixing about what you’d expect after a few adult beverages. Good for driving [or long haul flying, as I found]. This mix has been “in the can” [on the studio laptop] waiting to make it’s debut online…and *Now is the Time…

*Scott Brown – Now is the Time does not feature on this mix :-(. The record is in my wantlist and will someday make an appearance.


New mix…called OMG [which will become clear around the 1 hour mark 🙂 ]. Was mucking around at home and whilst I started on hard house, I went through some harder stuff landed in hard style a few times without trying. Mixing pretty tight, although this one is tagged DUI cause there was beers and few f-ups here and there. Might provide the listener with some gym tuneage, or someting to power walk to… I’m not ashamed of loving these tracks, and I love playing them [although a willing audience would be nice, too]

New Mix: Asylum

I have been somewhat quiet over the last few months…my output as slowed due to moving the Beat Laboratory across the city, and work / life / study. I’m also dealing with audio equipment failure and the need to buy / acquire a new set of monitors to hear myself mix properly. I have uploaded “Asylum” and I’ve had DJ Syntax record a couple of mixes, the first in a series I’m calling Guestmixes which is available here. Click through for a description of each mix. I’ve also been investigating live streaming, and this is a definite possibility for the future. I will need a webcam [currently investigating Logitech c922] and some test runs to ensure I can stream and record audio at the same time. I see a B2B session with DJ Syntax in the future…


Recorded a mix whilst drinking a few beers…starts off in the classic Hard House era of late 90s early 2000s, and finishes in the realm of hard trance. Was fighting with audio equipment issues [no sub…no bass monitoring], and as such may not be the cleanest mix. Honestly haven’t reviewed after recording, seemed pretty solid at the time. A bit patchy in places due to failure to practice and sound issues, but a decent listen. Suggest rocking this mix at the gym…

Guestmix: DJ Syntax – Eclipse 2018

My mentor had a flick through my techno records, and came up with this. The records are no more than 2 years old, and I appreciated a sympathetic ear being passed over these tracks. Not sure if I’ll host any other guest DJs in my new beat lab, but time will tell.

90 mins long, dank, dark and percussive.

So You Like House

A commercial journey through the mid 2000s, playing records I haven’t spun in years for one or another reason. As much as the tunes are of a commercial, popular vein they are also the soundtrack from that time and some of my most treasured records. This isn’t a mix I was planning and it shows in the execution…I let a tune play right out, had to snip out 40secs of silence in post production. Some dirt and dust has accumulated on the media [through age, storage and misadventure], but that all adds to the vinyl charm. Mixing is ok in places, and I’ve got some back pocket ideas for the next spin. Enjoy.

New mix in the works…

Yeah, I’ve got a house / electro thing brewing. I’ve done a sort through the records and I’ve easily got an hour or two. Looking forward to getting this one in the can. Opening with an Aquasky remix and immediately retreating back to 4/4 cause safety. Although maybe I should try another couple of break beat tunes…anyway, stay tuned, should have this done in the next couple of days.