…and we’re live.

At this point in time, the site is more or less in a completed state, except for more frequent mix uploads, and some occasional blog musings. Whilst I haven’t added tracklistings to my mixes, if there is enough, or any interest in doing so, I could go back and make it happen, especially with the small catalogue I have currently. I’m not sure what format the podcast will take, whether I continue to produce single one-off mixes, or if I attempt to tie them together with a theme. I’ve got a tub of unplayed, unknown hard dance records to get through, and hone my skills with my house / electro records, and then I have a stack of deep house / techno to get into. In the middle distance, there’s 7 discs of Solomun / Diynamic Music due to arrive here by June [definitely a mix or two in there]. I’ve got a hard trance / NRG mix brewing, currently…not yet decided whether to make it Hard House Sessions 3, or something on its own. Stay tuned, I suppose.

Finally, and I do sort of mention this on the front page, this site is my own creative outlet, it’s neither self-aggrandising or promotional, or loaded with shitty ads and promoted non stop on “the socials” or is it designed to facilitate copyright infringement. My tunes are in the largest, heaviest, expensive and most inconvenient format…if you’ve ever helped me move you’d agree.