I’m on Mixcloud


Yes. It’s true. I’m on mixcloud. As SOL_k would you believe. I’ve added a link to the menu that will automagically take you to my page. Currently hosting a mix I helped finalize with an old friend, GAS LOUDER. Techno, digital, and sequenced, this mix is tight, dank and dark. I added input into cueing and mix down, but track selection was all GAS LOUDER…for better or worse. Mixcloud doesn’t allow downloads, without use of one of *those* tools. Oh, and GAS LOUDER’s mixcloud page is… here

The mix no one will ever hear…[but 2 others you can]

Spent some time last night recording a hard trance mix…Overdose and Pulse records stuff. Dropped an absolute trance classic around the 40 minute mark. Finished up, started post processing work [was in the middle of an amplify pass, before a normalisation pass]. Macbook crashed [gpu panic because Apple are terrible and used a cheap chip on the logic board, well documented]. I had broken the rule of save first, process 2nd. Rebooted, project unrecoverable. Added all the .au chunks in, in a manual recovery attempt. Macbook crashed again [gpu panic].

Re-attempted manual recovery this morning…and it’s not happening. As a small consolation…I do have firstly the “Diynamically Shambolic” to upload, and as a bonus, I have mix titled “Trance and Acid” which was recorded during a party a few weeks back, whilst I slowly sunk into a state of under the influence. Unreviewed, and I don’t remember much after the 20min mark, except for relief at making it to an hour…