Been a long time…


It’s been a while. Still collecting vinyl, not playing much as opportunities are slim, however I have dipped my toe into Twitch streaming. I’ve tested a couple of setups and OBS doesn’t kill my ancient MacBook…so there’s that. Considering working in a “Live” page and perhaps a twitter feed for if / when I do play. Not the same as spinning in front of friends / a crowd, but something to blow the cobwebs off.

Recently discovered Tidy Trax are pressing / releasing new vinyl, so those are winging their way towards me. Another label I’ve been following since its inception, Selador, has also been releasing new vinyl, and I’m currently 4 from 4 there [tech / progressive house].

I could blame the pandemic, but really, I’ve just been bone lazy. I don’t do any shameless self promotion, so this site ends up a hobby more than a marketing tool, and without an echo in the chamber…I just do my own thing. Sometimes, that thing is not playing music at all.

Finally…not sure wtf “capcomwindow” is, but the bots are hammering my login page with this user name. Yes, bots…I see you.