SOL_k – Believe in Something

it’s coming…

…currently going through playback scrutiny in my top secret and probably corona free bass bunker.  Progressive house, some classics, some less so and the occasionally flub from being well out of practice. Broke a needle mid-set, too, swapped out on the fly.

Uploading to the podcast,  momentarily.


DJ Edwin Tribute

I’ve been hosting links to the Edwin tribute night for years, but not in an accessible form. You needed to know the URL and the CamelCase used in the URL to correctly access the recordings. I’ve shuffled some files around, and made the night into a consumable podcast series. Credit must go to Mr Mac for recording the night, and The Beat for hosting the event.

This link will take you to the friendly one page list of episodes.

New Mix “So You Like House”

Yep, in the upload queue right now. It’s not what I was working on in November, that idea has been put on the back burner, this was more a muck around with some more commercial tunes that I haven’t spun in ages…was a bit of fun, even if not as tight a mix as I’m capable of. Think “Owner of a Lonely Heart”, “Lola’s Theme”, “D.A.N.C.E” etc. Should be up and ready to rock shortly.