DJ Edwin Tribute Part 6 of 6

DJ Edwin Tribute Part 6 of 6

Recorded live thanks to Mr Mac. I’ve been hosting this for a few years now, and I thought I’d make the night a little more accessible / stream-able. Thanks to all the DJs who took part on the night and to J-san and The Beat for hosting the night.

Technical issues creep into this part, cutting out the end of the night and part of DJ Darlin’s set.

Unstable System [Hard House Sessions III]

I had this idea to spin a few hard trance epics that I recently bought…spent a few hours getting in the zone playing some house / electro and when it came time to lay down some serious sounds…the direction the mix took was Hard > Harder > Hardest…finishing up with a hard trance track called Unstable System. There’s a white label record in there that’s an absolute stomper…random find in my “unplayed white label pile”. Think Nick Sentience and turn of the century Nukleuz stuff. Quite a few Organ Donors tracks too…started digging deep into the collection and came up with this. I’ve added this into the Hard House Sessions series, in the spirit of the first Hard House sessions mix [also a ravetastic stomp fest…]

Be Cool

Recorded at the beginning of 2019, this was a Sunday arvo session with a few beers and few tunes. Hard house / NRG and moves along quite briskly. Mixing about what you’d expect after a few adult beverages. Good for driving [or long haul flying, as I found]. This mix has been “in the can” [on the studio laptop] waiting to make it’s debut online…and *Now is the Time…

*Scott Brown – Now is the Time does not feature on this mix :-(. The record is in my wantlist and will someday make an appearance.