Stop. Talking all that Jazz

Lots of n95 health mask spam. I wonder if elastic and my Nokia n95 work just as well…?

Not a lot in the new mix department, however I have been padding the vinyl collection. I’ve also been testing a streaming setup, and once I nail recording audio separately to capturing and streaming…we’re going to be good to go. Will investigate whether I can stream directly to this site, other wise will be a twitch stream on a dedicated page.

I’ve uploaded the DJ Edwin tribute night mixes, occasionally spin rekkids with DJ Syntax, and SOLON LORDS isn’t currently returning my phone calls.

I’m considered an essential worker, working in an essential service, so my expectations of a couple of weeks off work to mix and read and stream and PS4 have been dashed.

…recent additions to the collection include: The Shamen – Ebeneezer Goode. 🙂