Be Cool

Recorded at the beginning of 2019, this was a Sunday arvo session with a few beers and few tunes. Hard house / NRG and moves along quite briskly. Mixing about what you’d expect after a few adult beverages. Good for driving [or long haul flying, as I found]. This mix has been “in the can” [on the studio laptop] waiting to make it’s debut online…and *Now is the Time…

*Scott Brown – Now is the Time does not feature on this mix :-(. The record is in my wantlist and will someday make an appearance.


New mix…called OMG [which will become clear around the 1 hour mark 🙂 ]. Was mucking around at home and whilst I started on hard house, I went through some harder stuff landed in hard style a few times without trying. Mixing pretty tight, although this one is tagged DUI cause there was beers and few f-ups here and there. Might provide the listener with some gym tuneage, or someting to power walk to… I’m not ashamed of loving these tracks, and I love playing them [although a willing audience would be nice, too]


Recorded a mix whilst drinking a few beers…starts off in the classic Hard House era of late 90s early 2000s, and finishes in the realm of hard trance. Was fighting with audio equipment issues [no sub…no bass monitoring], and as such may not be the cleanest mix. Honestly haven’t reviewed after recording, seemed pretty solid at the time. A bit patchy in places due to failure to practice and sound issues, but a decent listen. Suggest rocking this mix at the gym…

Twisted Sounds

Here it is…Twisted Sounds. Recorded off site and under the influence of a couple of beers, this is a journey through electro house and mid 2000s tunes. As I write this, I’m listening back to it for the first time since recording, and whilst the mixing isn’t 100%, there’s quite a few excellent tunes, sequenced fairly well for an off hand Saturday night. Sometimes, when DJing, you end up forcing a mix, in order to play a certain track rather than moving through genres…not that this is necessarily bad but I suspect a heaving dance floor might not be as tolerant to genre change.

Twisted Sounds playing in WACUP / Winamp

SOL_k – Twisted Sounds is coming

I’ve a new mix coming shortly. Electro House and very mid 00s, it’s getting rave reviews from my DJ mentor who happened to end up with the USB stick that the mix is on. My output has been somewhat stalled as I’m dealing with a broken Numark turntable at home, and my refurbished Technics are still ~2 weeks away. Suspect this new mix to available sometime in the next couple of days, on the Mixes page.